Friday, July 28, 2017

Guest Post by Cilia

Today's post is a guest post done by one of my favourite bloggers, cilia from when I grow up I want to be a granny , who is one the most hardworking bloggers I know and all of her content is very unique and original! For this post, Cilia will be walking you guys through her art process and style...Hope you enjoy!

Inline image 29
1. First of all, I looked for a picture in a magazine to take it as inspirationInline image 30Inline image 31
2. I draw first the body, then, I add the clothes, the hair and the face details.Inline image 33
3. Then, I retrace the main lines to make it more clean, but I erase them to paint it.Inline image 34
4. I will use aquarelle watercolours and pencils to paint it.

Inline image 35Inline image 36
5. I start by the skin, because it's the lightest color and when it's dry, I add some shadows
Inline image 1Inline image 2
6. As the dress has some transparencies, after painting the skin, I paint the skirt with aquarelle pencils. First I paint the very soft fabric that overlaps the skin and paint the shadow

Inline image 3

7. I add some "reds" in the skin, on the cheeks and at the kneesInline image 4Inline image 5
8. Time to paint the hair! I apply a base and then darken it to create highlights.

Inline image 6

9. I painted the ribbon in red and I made some highlight, tooInline image 7

10. Time to make the last details! I painted the eyes' iris in greenInline image 8
11. And now, the pupil in black and the line for the eyelashes! and then of course, the eyelashes, that's my favorite part!

Inline image 10
12. I don't forget to do the eyebrows

Inline image 13
13. The last step is to erase the pencil lines! Hope you like it.

You can find Cilia at
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I have written a post for cilia's blog as well and you can check it out by clicking on her blog's link!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Sad Poem For A Sad Day

Before I leave you guys to read my poem, here's little backstory...
When i'm sad, I always always imagine a storm cloud on my head, this storm slowly spreads through my mood, and I feel like every time I speak to someone when i'm sad, i'm giving a bit of my storm to them, so most of the time I avoid speaking. As you are reading, you will notice that every line starts with the word that the previous line ends with, this is done to show that sadness slowly builds up on everything that one feels and it creates a chain reaction. This pattern is broken towards the end to show that I have decided to fight back. Hope you enjoy reading!


Monday, July 03, 2017

Little Me

So, the other day (see also yesterday) I realised that I was (am) a very weird kid. How have I realised this you ask? Well two of my friends and I were walking and we somehow ended up talking about *drumroll* our childhood (Well more like pre-adolescence). Anyways that is when I realised that, none of my friends could relate to what I said and up until that moment I thought that everyone must've done the same things. But, apparently not. Anyways here's a list of, you guessed it...

Monday, June 12, 2017

Power Of Purpose

On some days I feel like I can't go on anymore, I constantly question the meaning of my life and ask myself if it's even worth working hard towards.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

An Apology

Dear everyone that I've hurt,

Sometimes I don't really listen or care. Sometimes I'm so rude that I even surprise myself. I could say that I'm only human but that's like saying my dog ate my homework,